Backgammon Board: Your Game Checkers!

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Checkers are available in several different materials including Alabaster, Wood, and Urea, as well as vary in size. You may know them as backgammon men, stones, counters, chips, pawns, or checkers, but no matter what you call them, these game pieces is very important to play the game. Designed in various colors, weights, sizes and styles, these game pieces have both long-lasting quality and elegant beauty. A standard set of checkers for a checker set on a chess board would contain 24 checkers. For a Backgammon set you will need a set of 30.

It has been accounted for that when experts excavated ancient Egyptian ruins, checkered, gaming boards and circular pieces made out of Ivory and Jade and Chess pieces of similar materials were found. As per experts of history, because of the estimated price of such valuable pieces, the sets were part up and sold to different authorities throughout the years, most likely for their monetary value as opposed to their historical importance.

And just recently, at the Egyptian museum in Cairo, Egypt visitors was able to see what numerous historians believe to be one of the primitive game boards for Chess which was found in one of the unearthed tombs. The exhibit likewise contained checker pieces of varying sizes. however, there were no rules or records left to understand how the game was actually played. With their interest for checker boards and the discovery of two kinds of stones (which could have been utilized as playing pieces), it is most presumably that they were the original inventors of the ancient form of game pieces.

Similar to the Backgammon board, checkers or backgammon pieces may be produced in a wide range of different materials, as well. There are checkers made from cheap plastic, wood, real stone, marble and other minerals, to ivory. Bakelite was a sort of plastic created in the 1950’s and utilized as a part of the materials used to manufacture Backgammon checkers. A few players favor the vibe of Bakelite, and old Bakelite Backgammon sets are exceptionally considered as a collectible item.

Brown & White Backgammon Alabaster Checkers
Brown & White Backgammon Alabaster Checkers

One of the most wonderful materials used to make checkers is stone. Stone backgammon checkers somehow promote the image of extravagance. They are produced using marble, alabaster or similar stones that provide that “weighty” feeling when playing with these checkers on a backgammon board. These checkers feel expensive to the touch and are a definite move away from lightweight plastic checkers that are the standard today.

To purchase stone backgammon checkers, you can either purchase a whole new backgammon board and set, ensuring that the checkers are stone. Another idea is to contact a company such as that sells backgammon equipment to get some answers concerning their scope of backgammon checkers.

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