Backgammon History

How Old Are Dice? A Brief History of Your Backgammon Dice

The history of dice is almost as old as old as humankind itself. They are the oldest gaming instrument the world has ever known and are still uncontrollably mainstream today. The oldest dice ever found were excavated in the Bronze-Age city of Shahr-i Sokhta (“The Burnt City“), in present-day Iran. The Burt City has yielded … Read more

The Father of Modern Backgammon

Backgammon has seen enormous periods of notoriety all through history. Backgammon is the one of most established game in the world known for ages as “The Game of Kings” and “The King of Games”. This is played by two players wherein the pieces are moved based on the roll of dice. Following a long dormant … Read more

6 Backgammon Interesting Facts You Need to Know

Backgammon is one of the most popular games, yet few people are aware of some facts about backgammon. Here are some interesting facts you need to know. The game of backgammon is initially specified in Bhartrhari’s Vairagyasataka, made around the late 6th or mid seventh century AD.  The utilization of dice for the game is … Read more

The Evolving History of Today’s Backgammon

Like other table games, backgammon has been present since ancient times. And like all other games and sports, backgammon as well has evolved through the centuries, and continues to do so. As we further look into the history of backgammon of backgammon, the game touched England from the Middle East to Western Europe during eleventh century … Read more

Backgammon 101: Ancient Backgammon History and Origin

The history of backgammon is quite old. It has evolved a long time ago and has a luring and fascinating history. Although the origins of the original backgammon game are unclear, there is evidence of similar games being played throughout time. It is believed that Ancient Backgammon history originates in Mesopotamia, what is now present … Read more