The Evolving History of Today’s Backgammon

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History of Today’s Backgammon

Like other table games, backgammon has been present since ancient times. And like all other games and sports, backgammon as well has evolved through the centuries, and continues to do so. As we further look into the history of backgammon of backgammon, the game touched England from the Middle East to Western Europe during eleventh century and it was called ‘Tables’. Also, in the 11th century saw the rise of France’s own backgammon version, jeux de tables. The game survived till middle ages but later it was banned for a period in England due to its gambling nature.

Confirmation to backgammon’s presence in Europe can be found in a law announcement by French imperial Louis IX, calling to disallow his workers from practicing the game. In spite of the limitations, the prevalence of backgammon and other related table games would in the long run spread all through Europe; reaching Germany by the twelfth century, Iceland by the thirteenth century, and Sweden by the 16th century. Also in sixteenth century, Queen Elizabeth I prohibited backgammon completely. Nevertheless, the habit of playing backgammon did not expire. The various forms of Backgammon increased and grew in popularity over the centuries, although it was banned over some time due to its gambling nature until Queen Elizabeth the first of England legalized it once again.

Since then, the game had finally achieved the name by which it is presently known. The term “backgammon” itself first appears in 1645, spelled “baggammon,” in a letter that also referred to Irish (a simpler predecessor that didn’t include doubles or the levels of winning found in the modern game). The term was derived from the word “back” and the Middle English word “gamen” (“game” or “play”). As backgammon had been successfully accepted into English society, a book on backgammon official rules and strategies, “A Short Treatise on the Game of Back-Gammon,” was then published by a renowned game expert Edmond Hoyle in 1753.

304px-Hoyle-backgammonIn the 1960’s, the popularity of Backgammon surged in New York, due to the charisma of Alexis Obolensky a wealthy Russian immigrant, who was known as “The Father of Modern Backgammon.” He then formed the first and official World Backgammon Club.  In 1967 Obelensky hold the first World Championship of Backgammon in Las Vegas. This tournament ran until 1975 and was the inspiration for the current day Monte Carlo World Championship.

Much the same as in the hundreds of years’ prior, backgammon remained a game being played by the high society up until the twentieth century. Backgammon was all the while being played in private clubs in spite of the fact that there was a push for more reputation among different classes through publications. Notwithstanding, it was not until the 1970s that backgammon saw the greatest increase in popularity. New books, magazines devoted to backgammon were printed and the game moved from being an amusement for upperclassmen to a working class amusement as well. It started pulling in light of a legitimate concern for some youthful players who were willing enter competitions in chances of winning huge prizes.

With the advancement of technology, the game lost prevalence during the 1980s probably due to the rise of video games. However, a new history of online backgammon begins with the development of computers and internet.

It was in 1992, the first Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS) was established when broadband internet access was not very popular. Therefore, it was a long of time that backgammon turned into a popular video game.

However, towards the end of 20th century internet access become faster and online backgammon quickly flourished as an successful online game. Hundreds of players were able to play the first online backgammon game, TD-Gammon as it was called.

Today Backgammon is a standout amongst the most well-known games on the planet, played for the sake of entertainment and professionally for high stakes in pretty much every nation and district found on the globe. And in our era today, backgammon is currently a standout amongst the most prominent online games where anyone can enjoy playing free Backgammon games. It is a game that requires a little bit of skills, and a little bit of luck.