Best Tabletop Backgammon Boards

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Not many games can hold a candle to backgammon. After all, the game has been around for more than 5,000, and its popularity is still on the rise. Backgammon owes its popularity to its easy setup, portability, and diverse pricing points. 

The best tabletop backgammon boards have multiple applications. Some carry multiple games, while others serve as showpieces on your coffee table or game room. Because showpieces are complex, picking the best set for you can be a tad challenging. 

Luckily, you don’t need to invest tens of hours of your time agonizing over which is the best backgammon tabletop to buy. We’ve compiled a list with five of the best backgammon tabletop boards on the market. Each of these boards will improve your gameplay while complementing your home’s décor.

Top five Tabletop Backgammon Sets

  1. Zaza & Sacci Leather Tabletop Backgammon Set
  2. Zaza & Sacci White Croco Leather Tabletop Backgammon Set 
  3. Maranzano Croco Leather Backgammon and Card Table
  4. Scarborough House Leather Backgammon Table 
  5. Happy Chairs Wooden Game Table

1. Zaza & Sacci Leather Tabletop Backgammon Set


  • Gorgeous white croco-patterned leather table top backgammon set from Italy
  • Made from highest quality Dollaro leather with immaculate inlays on the playing surface
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Measures 26″ x 31 1/2″ x 1 3/4″ (Extra Large)
  • Includes high gloss mother of pearl stones, precision dice, and other playing pieces

If you’re looking to inject a bit of style and class into your backgammon gaming experience, you can’t go wrong with this backgammon set from Zaza & Sacci. It boasts all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from this luxury brand. The flawless table boasts exceptional craftsmanship and is covered entirely with beautiful, genuine Italian leather.

This non-foldable backgammon table ships with tournament-certified precision dice. With this tabletop backgammon, you can prep and build your skills and prep for and crush your opponents during backgammon tourneys. It comes with red and ivory colored, high gloss checkers, and two red and blue dice pairs.


  • Covered with the finest Italian leather 
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Extra-large 26 x 31.5 x 1.75 inches
  • It comes with large checkers and precision dice
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Lightweight


  • It doesn’t fold down

2. Zaza & Sacci White Croco Leather Table Top Backgammon Set


  • Gorgeous table top non-folding leather backgammon set from Italy – Blue
  • Made from highest quality Dollaro leather with immaculate inlays on the playing surface
  • Measures 26″ x 31 1/2″ x 1 3/4″ (Extra Large)
  • Includes high gloss mother of pearl stones, precision dice, and other playing pieces
  • Exquisite backgammon set – Perfect for playing, entertaining and decor

Beautiful, stunning, and exquisite are some of the adjectives that come to mind when you first set your eyes on this backgammon table from Zaza & Sacci. Set in white, the extra-large backgammon set oozes class and style. The Italian-made set is covered with beautiful and calming Croc-patterned leather. Superior craftsmanship coupled with the finest Dollaro leather makes this set a unique piece of art that you’ll want to show off to your friends.

The leather-covered playing surface turns each gaming session into hours of endless fun. The dice bounces noiselessly off the fine leather surface while giving each side on die a fair chance. Better yet, this set comes with precision dice to give your gaming session a professional touch. Due to the large playing surface, this backgammon board from Zaza and Sacci uses sizable checkers. The shiny mother of pearl checkers come in red and black and glide smoothly on the leather surface when you move them.


  • Made from the finest Italian leather 
  • Superior build and craftsmanship
  • Extra-large 26 x 31.5 x 1.75 inches
  • It comes with all accessories 
  • Ships with precision dice 
  • Ideal for backgammon tournaments


  • Tricky to store because it doesn’t fold

3. Maranzano Croco Leather Backgammon and Card Table


  • Made by meticulous Italian artisans in Italy
  • The chess board and backgammon board are made of premium Italian leather
  • Dimensions: Table: 32″ sq. x 31″ H. Backgammon: 23″ W. x 21 1/4″ L. Inside playing field of backgammon board: 10 3/4″. Widest part of the backgammon diamond: 1 1/2″. Backgammon checkers: 1 5/8″. Dice: 5/8″. Doubling cube: 7/8″.

The Maranzano Croco leather backgammon table lets you combine your love for fine Italian furniture and your love for backgammon. It’s the perfect choice for the avid backgammon player who wants nothing but the best. This bespoke Italian masterpiece matches exceptional craftsmanship with genuine Italian leather. It also strikes the perfect balance between beauty and functionality. 

It’s guaranteed to take over any room and become the centerpiece and a conversation starter for years to come. It’s the perfect choice if you hold regular tournaments at home or you’re thinking of turning pro. 

This leather backgammon board will deliver hours of enjoyable gameplay without subjecting you to a migraine-inducing cacophony. You can count on the fine Italian leather to muffle the noise and provide a predictable dice roll. Fair dice rolls are crucial in helping you build your skills and polish your gaming strategies. The beautiful and sizable checkers glide effortlessly over the surface without ruining your game focus or ripping the fine leather. 

This solid leather backgammon table supports multiple games without compromising the style or gameplay. It also comes with a removable chessboard. The felted card table is on the back of the Italian leather-bound chessboard. The superior craftsmanship and materials on this board guarantee its longevity and will probably become a family heirloom.


  • Exceptional crafted to the highest specifications 
  • Leather-bound backgammon board
  • The finest Italian leather covers the entire table
  • Supports multiple games: chess, cards, and backgammon
  • It’s a durable work of art that’ll become a family heirloom 
  • Ships with 8 screws and Allen wrench for assembly
  • Separate chess and backgammon boards


  • Requires assembly

4. Scarborough House Leather Backgammon Table


  • Antique Green
  • Brass Accents
  • Leather
  • Myrtle Burl
  • Removable Chess/Backgammon Board

Nothing spotlights your love and passion for backgammon than this game table from Scarborough house. This bespoke backgammon table is crafted from the rare myrtle burl wood. The tasteful pairing of mellow burl veneers with green leather and brass accents makes the table an exquisite work of art. It boasts a beautiful antiquated look that will undoubtedly earn you compliments from anyone who comes into your home.

This game table ships with a reversible backgammon board insert that’s covered with genuine Italian leather. The covered board affords you all the trims of a luxury backgammon table. The leather surface muffles the rolling dice to let you play for hours on end without distracting the entire household. The generous playing surface ensures fair dice rolls so you can dominate your opponents with your skills and strategies instead of chance and pure luck.


  • Made from rare and durable myrtle burl wood
  • Exquisite, beautiful design 
  • Leather-bound backgammon board
  • It has a large and generous playing surface 
  • Exceptional lifespan 
  • Supports chess and backgammon
  • Handy storage drawers


  • Requires light assembly 
  • It doesn’t ship with playing pieces

5. Happy Chairs Wooden Game Table


  • Features two storage areas accessible by removing the pan
  • Included for each game is a set of sturdy, wooden, handcrafted, easy grip playing pieces for years of play and enjoyment.
  • This Happy Game Table is coffee table size measuring 16″h x 42″w x 23″d.

Why settle for an ordinary coffee table when you can have one that doubles as a game table? This handcrafted wooden game table from Happy Chairs turns every night into a family game night. Made from strong and durable wood and coated with beautiful marine varnish, this is the last game table you’ll ever need. 

It lets you indulge your love for backgammon, TicTacToe, Chess, and Checkers. The table comes with two reversible board inserts that support a game on each side. If you have small kids, you can opt for an insert that comes with a chalkboard and let them have loads of fun doodling. Alternatively, you can opt for one with Chinese checkers and skyrocket the fun.

Better yet, this stylish and durable game set lets you take the fun outdoors. It is sealed with two coats of marine varnish to protect the wood from the harmful UV and moisture. As long as the table sits on your covered patio, you’re guaranteed to keep the fun times rolling for years. The table’s design is crafted with a family game night in mind and readily accommodates diversity. You can have two different games running concurrently without ruining the quality of gameplay.

Each table is handcrafted and uses some reclaimed wood (about 20%), so you can expect some minor imperfections. However, the small blemishes only serve to add to the table’s character since no two sets are ever the same.


  • Requires no assembly 
  • Each table is handcrafted
  • Available in four colors
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes handy storage compartments 
  • It comes with numerous accessories


  • It doesn’t include chess pieces
  • It sits low on the ground

Buying Guide

Backgammon Board Size

The size of your backgammon board affects both the playing comfort and fair dice roll. A sizable board lets the dice come to a natural stop instead of jarring to a stop after hitting the edge. 

At 26 inches, tabletop backgammon boards are the largest, and they come with equally larger checker pieces that are easy to handle. The smallest boards are 15” long and naturally come with small-sized checkers, but they are easier to store. 

If you’re a dedicated backgammon player and use the board frequently, consider buying a large backgammon board. Any of the smaller backgammon sets will do if you enjoy an occasional game with friends.

Backgammon Board Material

Backgammon sets are available in a variety of materials. Leather, cork, and wooden backgammon tables are the most popular. 

The choice of material impacts the table’s weight, durability, sound, and gameplay experience.

Wooden backgammon tables

Because they’re handcrafted, backgammon tables are unique, stunning, and attention-grabbing pieces. They’re available in lovely colors and feature intricate designs that add to their beautiful allure. 

Luxury wooden Backgammon tables are made from prized wood such as ebony, mahogany, burl, and elm. They’re beautiful work of art that make exceptional centrepieces in your game room or living room. 

Exemplary craftsmanship not only delivers a smooth gaming experience but also guarantees the backgammon table’s lifespan. These tables make great heirloom items that last through the generations. 

However, the constant dice rolling and sliding of checkers can scratch and mar the beautiful wooden playing surface. Wooden tables aren’t ideal if you prefer a quiet playing environment. The dice creates quite a din during the gameplay, which can be a tad irritating.

Leather Backgammon Set

The playing surface of such tables is covered with leather, felt, or cork. Luxury leather backgammon tables use fine Italian leather to deliver quiet and relaxed gameplay. 

If Backgammon is much more than a hobby or passing interest, you’re better off with a table with leather, felt, or cork covering. The covering muffles and absorbs the sound of the dice bouncing off the board. The soft landing surface delivers just the right amount of bounce to let your refined skills come to your aid.


The checkers on a backgammon board come in various sizes and are made from different materials. The choice of material ranges from lightweight plastic to heavier material such as Bakelite, stone, and pearl. 

Heavy checkers are ideal because they don’t fly all over the place if the board is nudged in the middle of an intense game.

The size of the checkers should be proportionate to the backgammon board. All the checkers must fit the pips perfectly. Large sets use checkers larger than 1.75 inches, while those on smaller sets are less than 1.5 inches. If the checkers are too large or small, they result in messy gameplay.

The Sound Level

While quiet backgammon boards are considered the best; it boils down to personal preferences. If you don’t mind loud clunking noise during the game, stick with a wooden backgammon board.

However, if you prefer quiet gameplay with fair dice rolls, predictable bounces and devoid of loud clunking noises, settle for a covered backgammon set. 

Leather, cork, and felt are the most common soundproofing materials. They muffle the noise when you roll the dice and slide the checkers for a superior gaming experience.

A silent backgammon board not only spares your ears but is also indicative of the board’s craftsmanship. It means the board is made from superior quality material and will serve you for many years to come. 


Not all dice are created equal. They vary in size, quality, weight, craftsmanship, and more – all of which affect the gaming experience. Ideally, you want a dice that delivers fair dice rolling. 

The best dice, precision dice, come with rounded corners to increase the rolling distance while ensuring a random roll. Each side of precision dice has an equal chance show which is the epitome of fair dice rolling. 

Most backgammon boards don’t include precision dice, so you might have to buy one separately, but they’re well worth the money.


Dice cups are an often overlooked item when buying a backgammon set, but they’re equally important. The best dice cup is large and hollow to let the dice tumble inside and ensure fair dice rolling. A dice cup needs a trip lip. When you shake the cup and spill the dice, they hit the lip and come out tumbling while rotating to give each side an equal chance of show.


Portable backgammon boards are ideal if you like to enjoy a game while on the move. They are compact and lightweight enough to fit into a backpack or a carry bag so that you can set them up anywhere you choose. 

While some portable sets are quick to set up, take down, and stash away, they come with small game pieces. Small game pieces can ruin the gaming experience since they’re trickier to handle.

Tabletop Backgammon Boards FAQS

Which Is the Best Backgammon Table Size?

Since there’s no standard backgammon board size, it all boils down to personal preferences. Experienced backgammon players use checkers to determine the best tabletop backgammon boards. Checkers are between 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. 
If the checkers are smaller than 1.5 inches, then that set is too small and would make for a messy gaming experience. Anything with checkers bigger than 2 inches is too large. The best boards use 2-inch checkers and are at least 17 inches wide.

What’s in A Backgammon Set?

Each backgammon set comprises of:
– 2 sets of 15 checkers in two different colors
– 2 pairs of dice
– A doubling cube 
– 2 dice cups or shakers

How Do You Arrange A Backgammon Board?

The accessories in a backgammon set come into twos, one set for each player. Each player gets 15 checkers, and they’re strategically arranged on the triangular spaces. Lay five checkers on point #6, 3 on point #8, 5 on point #13 and lastly, 2 on point #24. The checker arrangement on the opposite side of a backgammon board should form a mirror image.

Why Are Leather Backgammon Boards Costly?

Most high-end backgammon boards are finely crafted and are covered with fine Italian leather. Such boards carry a hefty price tag, but they are well worth the price. The leather doubles up as a muffler to eliminate loud distracting noises that could throw you off your game.

Do Backgammon Boards Make Great Showpieces?

Backgammon boards, especially the tables, make excellent showpieces since they are unique and hauntingly beautiful. Some boards double as exquisite tables with exceptional craftsmanship and an eye-catching finish. Others are purely table games that support multiple games, including checkers, cards, and chess. Some tables are covered entirely in fine Italian leather, while others are made from rare and valuable wood.


The best tabletop backgammon boards complement both your game and home décor. Most of these boards will cost a pretty penny, but they’re worth every penny because there are valuable and durable works of art. They’re made from the finest wood, such as myrtle burl and covered with the finest Italian leather. Superior craftsmanship coupled with durable materials give the tabletop backgammon sets an exceptionally long shelf life. You’ll enjoy endless gaming experience for years and then pass on the boards to your children as family heirlooms.

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