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Best Wood Backgammon Boards

When it comes to the best classic board games to play for fun or competition, three options that come to your mind are chess, checkers and backgammon. However, out of the three, backgammon is the oldest and most popular. The backgammon game has been around for over five thousand years and has continued its popularity … Read more


Best Tabletop Backgammon Boards

Not many games can hold a candle to backgammon. After all, the game has been around for more than 5,000, and its popularity is still on the rise. Backgammon owes its popularity to its easy setup, portability, and diverse pricing points.  The best tabletop backgammon boards have multiple applications. Some carry multiple games, while others … Read more


Best Leather Backgammon Boards

It’s one thing to play backgammon, but it’s something else entirely to experience it. While cheaper boards are okay if you’re starting out (and some can even be beautiful), lovers and connoisseurs of the game want something more timeless, like their very own leather backgammon board. If this is you, then ride along as we … Read more

The Ultimate Backgammon Board Buying Guide

The Ultimate Backgammon Board Buying Guide

Here at Backgammon Boards we have played thousands of hours of backgammon, on all kinds of boards from all kinds of makers, and we have compiled what we think is an ultimate guide and things to consider when you decide to shop for a backgammon board. Things to consider when shopping for a new backgammon … Read more

Collecting Antique Backgammon Boards

Collecting Antique Backgammon Boards

Backgammon can turn into an enthusiasm, and an over the top player may get themselves so submerged in the game that they find themselves collecting Backgammon sets and related stuffs. Many people collect vintage or antique things while others have pieces in their home that were left to them from deceased family members. Antique is … Read more

The World’s Most Modern Backgammon Board!

For a backgammon player that wants to extraordinary matches, the Vega Backgammon Set conveys the traditional game to the cutting edge of modern technology. The Backgammon Vega by French company Deuce is a piece of art, design and innovation features embedded LED light display points, doubling cube, dice and scoring with modern yet minimalist aesthetics. … Read more

Luxury Boards: Rare Hermes and Gucci Backgammon Set

Backgammon is the world’s most established board game and was generally played by the upper class at home and in private clubs. Luxury brands are taking advantage of the way of the lifestyle of leisure in a playful way by catering to gaming enthusiasts with a refined taste. Whether its checkers, chess or domino sets … Read more


2 Most Expensive Backgammon Sets

Geoffrey Parker’s Diamond Backgammon Set Since the time of his career in year 1958, Geoffrey Parker, a conventional British producer of world`s finest bespoke games and gifts has been creating extraordinary products for the world`s extravagant stores, gambling clubs, corporations and private commissions. After launching most expensive poker set in the world, priced at a … Read more

Various Types of Backgammon Set

Backgammon is considered as the most established game and has been around for quite a while in different areas around the world. With its astounding dice, checkers and board, backgammon has become to be very much enjoyed among all age bunches throughout the hundreds of years. In a few areas, players may appreciate this game … Read more

Backgammon Board Game: Tapa

Tapa Tapa is a version of Backgammon played in Bulgaria and Macedonia. It is additionally played in Greece, where it is known as Plakoto. The word tapa implies bottle cap. Some sources say that Plakoto and Tapa are two board games for two players, cousins of Backgammon, in which the playing pieces are moved according … Read more