2 Most Expensive Backgammon Sets

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Geoffrey Parker’s Diamond Backgammon Set

Geoffrey Parker began his business around 1960 with little arrangements of leather bound miniature books until he was approached by Alfred Dunhill to make chess board sets.
Geoffrey Parker began his business around 1960 with little arrangements of leather bound miniature books until he was approached by Alfred Dunhill to make chess board sets.

Since the time of his career in year 1958, Geoffrey Parker, a conventional British producer of world`s finest bespoke games and gifts has been creating extraordinary products for the world`s extravagant stores, gambling clubs, corporations and private commissions.

After launching most expensive poker set in the world, priced at a staggering $7.5 million. Geoffrey Parker, which has been crafting hand-manufactured Backgammon games for the champions, released the most expensive Backgammon game set in the world, estimated at $387,890.

The Backgammon Set features a competition sized board decked in Alligator and Stingray, it measures 605 mm in length, 375 mm in width and 85 mm in thickness. The game set boasts with an Alligator skin playing field, Shagreen points and a solid 18-carat gold stones set, each one including a 1-carat diamond jewel.

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Notwithstanding these parts, the maker has additionally provided a diamond set doubling cube, whose numbers have been crafted from precious diamonds, precisely put on the 18-carat white gold base. The dice themselves have likewise been created from 18-carat white gold, each one embellished with 27 diamonds.

World's Most Expensive Backgammon Set by Geoffrey Parker
World’s Most Expensive Backgammon Set by Geoffrey Parker

Geoffrey Parker boards are the epitome of luxury backgammon. Made by meticulous craftsmen and built to the highest specifications, impeccable craftsmanship and use of only the highest quality materials, ensuring each and every board is a cherished work of art.

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Bernard Maquin’s 60,000 Diamond Studded Backgammon Set

On the other hand, In 2009 Backgammon enthusiasts fought to place a bid for this incredible set up for auction made of gold, silver and over 60,000 diamonds. This luxurious set has been designed and created by the renowned artist Bernard Maquin especially for The Charles Hollander Collection”.

Artist Bernard Maquin has crafted a backgammon set looking like the colorful conventions of the Middle East. More of a luxurious work of art than a board-game, the motivation for the design of this expensive Backgammon board and game pieces originated from combining geometric patterns with eastern craftsmanship and architectural designs.


Definitely not a backgammon board to order online, though, is Bernard Maquin’s US $1,200,000.00 Jewel furnished board.

Created for the said collection, the set has 61082 black, white, and yellow diamonds with a total carat weight of 2071.48. The set also boasts over 6.77 kg of yellow gold and about 150 grams of silver.

To bring this exquisite set to completion, the checkers were also set with 2960 white diamonds.


A true jewel, Maquin invested over 10,000 hours of labor into this remarkable piece. True collectors tried to get their bids in as quickly as possible just to ensure their chance at acquiring this magnificent, one-off board game.