Luxury Boards: Rare Hermes and Gucci Backgammon Set

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Backgammon is the world’s most established board game and was generally played by the upper class at home and in private clubs. Luxury brands are taking advantage of the way of the lifestyle of leisure in a playful way by catering to gaming enthusiasts with a refined taste. Whether its checkers, chess or domino sets taking center stage in every socialite’s game room, fashion houses from Gucci to Hermes are branding the classics for the riches. This post is will showcase so fine collection of luxury leather Backgammon sets. Handmade meticulous craftsmen, these backgammon sets showcases in a range of luxurious leathers from expensive rare leather to the more exotic alligator skin.

This Hermès backgammon game, made of leather and wood, is the perfect statement for luxury. While in the midst of some recreation, relaxation or business, this Hermès backgammon game will give you fun and joy in a very sophisticated way.


Measuring 17.5 inches wide and 17.5 inches long when open, the set comes with a leather case for the dice & dice cups and the complete set is perfectly protected and easy to carry within the fabric & leather case. Unfolded it can be placed on any ground and the stability while being secured by the wood/button system.


Everything about this set is indicative of the Hermes level of value. The hinge and external hardware are gold plated.

The pieces are magnetic and covered in a super fine leather. The dice appear to be ivory. The cups, case and small box that house the pieces are all stamped Hermes.


This Hermès backgammon set is for any player and every collector the ideal extravagance statement. The set features 30 token, 4 dice and 1 multiplier die. This luxury set is priced at $8000.


Designers at the famous House of Gucci take it one step further by using the same exclusive leather in their games as they do for their signature bags and shoes. Needless to say, this is the game set you’ll want to show off to your opponents.


The outside is finished in a grained light brown leather, with a signature Gucci faux-belt in red & green to the front, with gold tone hardware.


The inside is finished with inlaid hardwoods and a matching leather-bound tray, which is fitted with all the counters, dice, etc and a space for the keys and key fob for the lockable exterior. The tray bears the gilt makers stamp ‘Made in Italy by Gucci – Brevettato’

Equally as luxurios are the playing pieces themselves adorned in ivory cream or black and each stamped with the embossed Gucci emblem.

This luxury set is the ideal Backgammon set to own.