The World’s Most Modern Backgammon Board!

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For a backgammon player that wants to extraordinary matches, the Vega Backgammon Set conveys the traditional game to the cutting edge of modern technology.

It is made of glass, corian, aluminum and stainless steel parts assembled and polished with the highest precision and care.

The Backgammon Vega by French company Deuce is a piece of art, design and innovation features embedded LED light display points, doubling cube, dice and scoring with modern yet minimalist aesthetics.

electrodeuce diamand rouge GP11

This backgammon Set includes a clean, crisp, seamless Corian frame, topped with extremely modern touch-sensitive glass playing field. At the point when not being used, 42 mm heavy Corian checkers are stored in an invisible drawer located under the board the checkers can be stowed in cleverly-hidden racking. That is, if you can stand to get away from the addictive game!


The board incorporate glass playing surface in black, its large glass screen featuring patented sensitive display that will allow you to play games with the lightest touch of a finger. It also has electronic dice on its surface so your dice will never leave the board! doubling cube, and score calculator.

vega GP3

The glass surface has English language display and user guide, your choice of white or red LED lights for points, dice and scoring information, on/off switch and soft sound effects at the press of each key.

Truly, this set combines high technology with old school and digital graphics reminding the low-tech seventies electronic games sets. Deuce’s game sets exude a reverence for contemporary design, earning them the prestigious Living Heritage Label in 1996. This set allows you to play with luxury and modernity.

Much the same as you may expect, this modern backgammon set is expensive: it costs $27,195.00 on the retail market, yet it will without a doubt take your gaming to the next level.

If you are looking for the unbeatable combination of quality and value, this is the ideal backgammon set.