Backgammon World Championship

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You’ve known of the World Championship for chess, yet unless you’re a major fanatic of Backgammon, you won’t not know that there’s really a World Series of Backgammon around as well. Backgammon becoming considerably in prominence both online and offline.

The primary big world championship competition of backgammon was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1967.  Tim Holland was the victor of that year. There were no reasons that why there was no world competition in 1969 or 1970. In 1971, Tim Holland again won the world-championship title. This world-championship competition stayed in Las Vegas until 1975.

Tim Holland Playing Backgammon

There was dual World Championships in the years of 1976, 1977 & 1978. One was in the Bahamas organized by the Americans and the other one was composed by European players in Monte Carlo which was known as European Open Championships.

Lewis Deyong, a UK businessman (in 1979) who had advanced the Bahamas World Championship for next three years proposed that two occasions could be consolidated.  He combines the Monte Carlo ‘European Championship’ and the Bahamas ‘World Championship’, creating a single event in Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo was generally conceded as the spot of the World Backgammon Championship and stayed for next thirty years. Monte Carlo competition pulls in several players and observers.

In 21st century, the largest worldwide competitions had established for top proficient players. Official competitions are taken yearly around the world. The most recent World Series of Backgammon was created only a few years prior in 2006 by Backgammon player Andy Bell who is also a TV Producer.


The World Series of Backgammon is a broadcast occasion. It happens in Europe and telecasts over various European games stations, in addition to ESPN International which may have a North American group of onlookers for those keen on watching out for the matches.

Since the World Series of Backgammon began in 2006, it’s grown in popularity each and every single season with the quantity of players and the span of the group of onlookers that it has caught. Season I in 2006 occurred at the Palms Casino, Cannes. The quantity of members was littler then, however one player still figured out how to complete triumphantly. Sean Casey from Ireland won the first ever World Series of Backgammon. Season II of the world series turned out to be even more popular with more hype surrounding the World Series of Backgammon, so it was moved to a more prestigious venue in London. Beyond any doubt enough, forecasts were right subsequent to there were 128 players in the event areal. By 2008, when the following period of the World Series of Backgammon occurred once more, which saw 155 players at the final match of the World Championship.

As the prominence of the World Series of Backgammon developed alongside the quantity of members, so did the broadcast scope.   Amid the primary season, the championship was just secured on European channels for a sum of 8 hours of broadcast appointment. By 2008 the World Series of Backgammon got 15 hours of air time, and even had some renowned names in Backgammon and Poker giving the critique to the matches.