Backgammon World Champions

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Backgammon is developing in prominence today, yet it really has a long history. Though online Backgammon is still relatively new which has generated a mainstream appeal amongst the individuals who like to play matches from the solace of their own homes, regardless it hasn’t exactly caught the same popularity appeal of other games like Poker.

Compared to poker, backgammon is likewise a game where the player’s expertise, instead of good fortune is a more prevalent element that decides the matches’ outcome. The players compute their moves taking into account the numerical probabilities of every position.

Backgammon players have a tendency to be considerably more energetic than poker players which ought to make backgammon more suited for televised championship as you would infrequently see any showcase of enthusiasm from poker players. Pretty much as poker had a colossal increment in prominence in the most recent couple of years, backgammon can likewise share the spotlight and catch what’s coming to it’s of the gathering of people. The passion of competitive backgammon world championship and the players should appeal to the viewers as much or more than poker.

Furthermore, backgammon can be learned quickly and requires only two players. Backgammon game can be played either in a friendly, social way or very competitively.

Backgammon champions to remember

The most commended Backgammon title on the globe is “World Champion which goes to the victor of yearly international tournament that has been held in Monte Carlo, Monaco since the late 1970s, and prior to that in The Bahamas and Las Vegas.

There have been some huge Backgammon champions, keeping in mind their names won’t not be excessively recognizable today, they ought to be seen for their accomplishments, and in a couple of years, they will be generally as well known as the Poker geniuses when Backgammon takes off considerably more popular!

You might not know all of the names in Backgammon, but here are the most recent champions who have gone on record participating in major tournaments.

Ali Cihangir Cetinel


Ali Cihangir Cetinel of Turkey won the point of reference 40th World Championship vanquishing Sergey Erokhin of Russia in the twofold disposal last.

Dr. Cihangir Çetinel, beginning backgammon 40 years prior, he spent times of high thoughtfulness regarding the diversion which gives him a sentiment being at home in his life. In his discourse amid 2015 World Backgammon Championship prize giving service in Monte Carlo a week ago, he gave inspiring views of how he stresses companionship more than anything amid his backgammon enterprise.

Akiko Yazawa


Akiko Yazawa is the third womanto be announced World Backgammon Champion subsequent to winning the last of the Championships in Monte Carlo vanquishing American Douglas Mayfield. Akiko fought back in the deciding match only to find herself in a miserable, busted 2-point game at double match point. From a position in which she had only 5% winning chances she staged a thrilling, dramatic recovery and now is the finest ambassador that backgammon could want.

Vyacheslav Pryadkin


Vyacheslav Pryadkin

Vyacheslav Pryadkin, in a very exciting 4-cube-backgammon, defeated his opponent, Lars Trabolt to become the 2013 Backgammon World Champion. Lars Trabolt, was the favourite, having won the 2008 world championship and coming second in the 2009 world championship. With Vyacheslav Pryadkin leading Lars Trabolt 14-9 in the match to 25 points this was one of the most incredible final game ever!

Lewis Deyong

Lewis in his time was winning lots of championships, and in 1974 won both the Paris Championship, and the Munich Championship; he has represented the United Kingdom while playing international matches against the United States and Lebanon.