Hyper Backggamon! A different Way of Playing Backgammon

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Do you rather choose something brave rather than the normal? Are you a huge fan and a lover of the most celebrated game- backgammon?

In the event that you answered with yes to the question above then a variant of Backgammon called Hyper-backgammon is suitable for you!

There are wide ranging backgammon games nevertheless the ones that benefit from the highest popularity are likely to be Acey Deucy and Nackgammon. These two cool variants are said to be really popular in real life and also on the internet. One of the popular backgammon variations being played today is hyper-backgammon. In this variety, each player starts only with three checkers: the first in point number 24, the second in 23 and the third in 22. Whoever bears all of them off first, wins hyper-backgammon.

It seems that playing this variation is simple as pie, yet don’t be tricked. As a general rule, those new to this variation find it fairly intimidating without enough lessons learned from playing its more well-known predecessor. Anyway, how can one play hyper-backgammon?


Above all else, the board setup is exceptionally insignificant.  Every player is in charge of three pieces, each of which is set on the 24-point, 23-point, and 22-point. As with the normal version of the game, players utilize their own particular pair of dice and dice cup. Besides, same standards in checker movement and bear-off are likewise taken after. The doubling cube also becomes possibly the most important factor in this backgammon variation which runs as one with the Jacoby principle (therefore gammons are not in effect until the doubling cube has been turned).  You score the same as backgammon: with the winner getting one point for a win, two points for a gammon, and three points for backgammon. But gammons and backgammons only score extra if a double has been offered and accepted during the game.

That is, double game and triple game wins don’t count unless the cube was offered and acknowledged anytime amid the present match. Additionally, it’s as a match play where players strive in a match point to seven or higher. What’s more, what makes hyper-backgammon not quite the same as the normal version of the game, other than the quantity of checkers played, is that it’s more energizing and it’s much quicker to play. Given the way of hyper-backgammon, a player can either avoid or assault the rival’s pieces. Since each piece will meet opposing checkers on the way to their individual home boards, being sent to the bar is an imaginable event. Be that as it may, making or for this situation, making only one point is extremely helpful in hindering a hit.  In any case, when your rival rushes to turn it into a pure race, making points is not really a valuable strategy.

To get good at any game is matter of practice, sometimes this requires unlimited hours of doing the same thing again and again, this kind of redundancy can get to be uninteresting and boring and defeat the object. This is the reason why it is always a decent choice for players regardless of how great they are to look for ways of practicing with an alternative method. For the many players it could be the way they toss the dice, you could utilize an alternate wrist activity, which appears to be insane particularly when utilizing dice cup, but why not try it as a variation to your normal game.