Backgammon Gameplay

Backgammon World Champions

Backgammon is developing in prominence today, yet it really has a long history. Though online Backgammon is still relatively new which has generated a mainstream appeal amongst the individuals who like to play matches from the solace of their own homes, regardless it hasn’t exactly caught the same popularity appeal of other games like Poker. … Read more

Backgammon World Championship

You’ve known of the World Championship for chess, yet unless you’re a major fanatic of Backgammon, you won’t not know that there’s really a World Series of Backgammon around as well. Backgammon becoming considerably in prominence both online and offline. The primary big world championship competition of backgammon was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in … Read more

The Priming Game In Backgammon

The Priming Game In Backgammon

Backgammon is a game that’s all about strategy. Players require to do everything using their skills as well as a bit of luck to get their checkers to their home board first and keep their opponent from doing the same.   One essential backgammon strategy you’re certain to get comfortable with is known as a … Read more

Backgammon Holding Game Strategy

Backgammon Holding Game Strategy

Players won’t generally be fruitful in making primes in backgammon.  An exceptionally common circumstance you’ll wind up yourself in, will be a holding game. This backgammon strategy makes utilization of anchors or points made in key spots on the board. In a holding game, both players are for all intents and purposes holding each other … Read more

Playing Backgammon With Skills And Fortune

The debate over which class Backgammon falls in has occurred all through its history that dates the distance back to old times.  Backgammon is indeed a game that depends on the players’ fortunes and skills. The debate over which class Backgammon falls in has occurred all through its history that dates the distance back to … Read more

Backgammon Board: Your Game Checkers!

Checkers are available in several different materials including Alabaster, Wood, and Urea, as well as vary in size. You may know them as backgammon men, stones, counters, chips, pawns, or checkers, but no matter what you call them, these game pieces is very important to play the game. Designed in various colors, weights, sizes and … Read more

How Old Are Dice? A Brief History of Your Backgammon Dice

The history of dice is almost as old as old as humankind itself. They are the oldest gaming instrument the world has ever known and are still uncontrollably mainstream today. The oldest dice ever found were excavated in the Bronze-Age city of Shahr-i Sokhta (“The Burnt City“), in present-day Iran. The Burt City has yielded … Read more

Backgammon Tips: Winning at Backgammon

Winning at backgammon requires both luck and ability. A normal player can win a game or short match against a specialist player if they get good dice rolls. But in the long run, the skilled player has a noteworthy favorable position. There are numerous approaches to discover great backgammon technique to win. In the event … Read more

Backgammon 101: Oswald Jacoby’s The Jacoby Rule

What is Jacoby rule in backgammon? The Jacoby rule is another optional rule in backgammon, but is more common among games in money (point) play – where points are assigned a value. With the Jacoby Rule the game victor gets no additional credit for gammons or backgammons unless the cube has been doubled at any … Read more

Hyper Backggamon! A different Way of Playing Backgammon

Do you rather choose something brave rather than the normal? Are you a huge fan and a lover of the most celebrated game- backgammon? In the event that you answered with yes to the question above then a variant of Backgammon called Hyper-backgammon is suitable for you! There are wide ranging backgammon games nevertheless the … Read more